Fairness, reliability, respect: trust and seriousness

Fairness, reliability, respect: trust and seriousness

Fairness, reliability, respect: trust and seriousness - we will continue to adhere to these principles in 2020.

The iGZ Code of Ethics stands for "Good Temporary Employment". All members, including ourselves, have formulated in it how we want to behave as employers, as contractors, in competition with other companies and in relation to social partners, authorities and the public.

Fairness, reliability, respect: trust and seriousness - these are the guiding values of "Good Temporary Employment" on which the iGZ Code of Ethics is based.

The approximately 3,600 member companies of the Interessenverband Deutscher Zeitarbeitsunternehmen have committed themselves to adhere to these principles.

Employees choose temporary employment because personnel service providers are attractive employers. Fair temporary employment does not only open job chances and the option on a safe job to them, but offers suitable training further concepts and - if desired - alternation.

Our customers use temporary employment agencies because they have the solutions for the labour market policy challenges and social / economic megatrends and ensure consistency in economic development.

Temporary employment offers our customers the best opportunity to get qualified personnel and to design their personnel planning in line with the market.

If you have further questions about iGZ (Der Interessenverband Deutscher Zeitarbeitsunternehmen) and/or would like to know more about temporary employment agencies, please contact us.

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