Engagement and voluntary help in the Corona crisis!

Engagement and voluntary help in the Corona crisis!

Normally Markus works for our customer as a testing engineer on the future of innovative roof systems. He has volunteered and is now securing one of our staple foods in Bavaria and helping to turn hops.

"The work is already quite exhausting and in the evening there is not much left except showering, eating and sleeping", says Markus when asked about his work as a "temporary hop farmer".

"In principle, the so-called "hop turning" is about finding the three best shoots from the plant, which should be as equally long as possible, and winding them up on a wire in a clockwise direction. The remaining shoots are cut away. This practically helps the shoots to grow independently up to seven metres high. As equipment for this you get a knife and a "pillow" to kneel on.

In total, we work 16 fields of the family business "Loibl" near Pfaffenhofen and are a group of pupils, students, short-time workers and self-employed people", Markus continues and "we are replacing the Polish guest workers this year, even if not at their speed".

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